The mediums of communication may vary from producing a television show, designing a magazine, writing an editorial, photographing, or painting a portrait, but the goal is always to create human connection.



Our graduates have worked with:

ESPN, Popular Mechanics, Fitness Magazine, ADRA, Loma Linda Hospital,
Life and Thyme Culinary Magazine, JohnsonRauhoff, Land O’ Lakes, Purina, University of Miami, The Ritz Carlton, Maranatha Volunteers International, DirecTV, Smithsonian, Whirlpool Corporation, Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
Florida Hospital, and Schawk!

Envision Magazine & the #MeToo Movement


81% of women surveyed say they have experienced sexual harassment.

Mrs. America 2018 Mekayla Fawn Eppers sits down with the Envision team to discuss her own experience & the #MeToo movement.



Kristiana Mitacek

Visual Designer at Groupon
BFA Graphic Design 2014

I work as a visual designer for Groupon, and design assets for their site, social media, and blog. I also get to be part of creative strategy and work with the photographers to make content for the blog (the Groupon Guide).

In the last month I've gotten to create assets for Lord and Taylor, Costco, Famous Footwear, Dicks Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and Old Navy, which is really exciting cause you get to be more creative with your colors and design when collaborating with other brands.

"Be humble, be friendly, don't panic."

IMG_5522 (1).jpg

Probably my most relevant skills I learned at AU were technical skills in Photoshop (especially compositing photos), Illustrator (for rendering), and InDesign (making master pages and using paragraph/character styles).

 Something that I wish I had learned at AU was that sometimes "done" is better than "perfect". There was a job I got fired from because I was trying to do everything "correct" on a rendering for YouTube, and I simply didn't have enough time to be particular about little edits. Sometimes you can't do A+ work when the client needs to present something in an hour.

Advice to students:

  • Spend A LOT of time on your website design.
  • Practice projects in Adobe programs like how you would practice piano- until it becomes second nature.
  • Do not be afraid of rejection or criticism- I applied to at least 70 jobs before I got a salaried position.
  • ALWAYS write a cover letter even if its not required.
  • Be social- go to events related to things you like.
  • Make your LinkedIn perfect. Turn on the button for recruiters to contact you.
  • Contact people who aren't in your network, but who have a job you want to know about. Ask them to be your mentor; if they are too busy they will often still agree to an "interview" or coffee or lunch to talk about their career path and major things they've learned. Have questions ready. DO NOT ask for work from these people- they will see you are a proactive person and will help you if they are able to.
  • Most jobs will come from a friend of a friend. So make some.


Design is EVERYWHERE, and everyone needs it done at some point. At the end of the day, people are hiring you for two reasons: (1) to make their own lives easier by entrusting you with work they need done, and (2) because you are less annoying to be around 8 hours a day than someone else they interviewed.A lot of this was learned as a freelancer, but my freelance survival skills directly lead to my current position. Be humble, be friendly, don't panic.

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