The mediums of communication may vary from producing a television show, designing a magazine, writing an editorial, photographing, or painting a portrait, but the goal is always to create human connection.



Our graduates have worked with:

ESPN, Popular Mechanics, Fitness Magazine, ADRA, Loma Linda Hospital,
Life and Thyme Culinary Magazine, JohnsonRauhoff, Land O’ Lakes, Purina, University of Miami, The Ritz Carlton, Maranatha Volunteers International, DirecTV, Smithsonian, Whirlpool Corporation, Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
Florida Hospital, and Schawk!

Envision Magazine - Winning Awards


Envision Magazine, a student-led product of the  since 2010, received eight awards this October. These awards were given at the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) conference, which took place Oct. 12 to 15 in Denver, Colorado, and by the Associated Collegiate Press.   By: Chris McLean-Wheeler


For most graduates, it can take a few years in the field to start thriving in a career. Featured alum Joelle Bradfield, of Joelle Elizabeth Photography, jumpstarted the process and graduated with a successful wedding photography business already underway. Joelle has also made a point of giving back, offering mentoring and workshops while always putting God first in her life and business. Check out her amazing work and most recent blog posts, especially the one she wrote about college; "Was College Worth It? How College Influenced My Career". You can follow Joelle on Facebook and Instagram.


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