The mediums of communication may vary from producing a television show, designing a magazine, writing an editorial, photographing, or painting a portrait, but the goal is always to create human connection.



Our graduates have worked with:

ESPN, Popular Mechanics, Fitness Magazine, ADRA, Loma Linda Hospital,
Life and Thyme Culinary Magazine, JohnsonRauhoff, Land O’ Lakes, Purina, University of Miami, The Ritz Carlton, Maranatha Volunteers International, DirecTV, Smithsonian, Whirlpool Corporation, Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
Florida Hospital, and Schawk!

Jeffery Emile

UI/UX Designer for General Motors
BS Graphic Design 2016

My job is to design interfaces that make people’s live’s easier.

I work on one of the global teams here at GM. The projects we work on here in Atlanta affect, add value, and are used by people in North/South/Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia/Middle East, and Australia. 

Being able to work for a such a large company straight out of school is truly a blessing. The perks that come with working for a company like GM are amazing. Work/life balance is amazing, people are really relaxed and chill but get work done.

A lot of work, sleepless nights, and a growing spiritual/prayer life are some of the things have brought me here. As you are preparing to finish your college years, if you’re like me you had no idea what the next step was. But don’t let this scare you. Take your walk with God just as serious as you take your school work. Truly surrender and ask for His will to be played out over your life. Take the time to study your Bible, ask him to guide and direct your path, ask him open the doors that need to be opened, and closed the ones that need to be closed. I promise this will give you peace, and you will see things happen in your life that you would have never imagined otherwise. I am a living testimony to this.

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Envision Magazine - Winning Awards


Envision Magazine, a student-led product of the since 2010, received eight awards this October. These awards were given at the Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) conference, which took place Oct. 12 to 15 in Denver, Colorado, and by the Associated Collegiate Press.  By: Chris McLean-Wheeler


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